Whether youre going on vacation, visiting family or friends, or you just want to see the sights, a long driving trip can be fun for everyone. Many of us are so anxious to get where were going, we forget that the joy is in the journey.Listen to Audio BooksSince many people tend to get a little car sick when they read in the car, an audio book is the perfect replacement. With a moderately priced Mp3 player, you can easily carry several audio books with you no matter w...

Things To Do On Long Driving Trips

Things To Do On Long Driving TripsWhether youre going on vacation, visiting family or friends, or you just want to see the sights, a long driving trip can be fun for everyone. Many of us are so anxious to get where were going, we forget that the joy is in the journey.Listen to Audio BooksSince many people tend to get a little car sick when they read in the car, an audio book is the perfect replacement. With a moderately priced Mp3 player, you can easily carry several audio books with you no matter where you. You can listen to it yourself, or choose something everyone will enjoy to play throughout the car. You can buy audio books in three formats digital Mp3s, CDs or cassette tapes (although cassettes are getting to be a bit outdated).Sing SongsMost people are embarrassed to sing in front of others because we all dont have beautiful voices, but when everyone sings together, half the fun is listening to everyones off-tone voice and the forgotten words to the song. One thing thats guaranteed, when you sing songs on a long driving trip, those songs will forever be remembered fondly, and great memories will be created.TalkI knowI knowTalking seems like an obvious thing to do on a long drive, but youd be surprised how very few people actually do it. These days it seems any child twelve and under has a portable game like Gameboy or PSP, and teenagers have ear buds permanently attached to their head with the latest music streaming from their iPods, or the incessant text messaging through the required cell phones for everyone in the family. All of these distractions make it difficult for families to really talk.So why not take this time on the road to turn off all the electronic devices and talk to each other about anything. If youre going on a family vacation, perhaps you all list the top 3 things youre looking forward to doing on vacation. You can also make up questions that everyone has to answer like If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to, If I could go to lunch with any famous person I would want to meet, or The three things I want to do before Im 65 are. These kinds of statements help you get to know things about your friends and family you never would have known otherwise, and it starts fun conversations too!Car GamesMost of us at one point in our lives have taken part in a car game which usually involves the alphabet, looking for items along the trip, or a good memory. Here are a few car games to get you started, but you can always make up your own.License Plate Game See how many different state and country license plates you can spot on your trip.20 Questions One person states if they are a person, place or thing. Then the other people in the car can ask up to 20 yes or no questions to try and figure out what they are.My Father Owns a Grocery Store The first person says My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells apples, then the next person follows by saying My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells apples, and bananas. The game continues going through the whole alphabet. They must say the entire list of items previously said by other people and then add their own item at the end. If someone gets stumped on the list of items, they are out and the remaining people continue.These are just some of the fun things you can do on a long driving trip. Remember to make the journey fun, light, and full of memories!

Queenslands Sunshine Coast Something For Everyone.

Queenslands Sunshine Coast  Something For Everyone.

The Sunshine Coast is just north of Brisbane the capital of Queensland, Australia and takes in 65 kilometers (40 miles) of beaches up the coast.Central to the landscape of the sunshine coast are the Glasshouse Mountains. Named by Captain Cook in 1770 when he first discovered Australia, because with the morning sun glinting off them they reminded him of the glasshouses from his native home of England.The Glasshouse Mountains are a significant attraction on the Sunshine coast and surrounding hinterland, that recently they were added to the Australian National Heritage Register.Along the entire coast line and scattered through the surrounding hills are many towns geared for the traveler, with events happening continuously.And with such beautiful scenery and fabulous weather, its not hard to see why it is fast becoming a holiday haven.The glamour spot on the coast is Noosa, with high rise accommodation, night clubs, shopping, galleries, world class restaurants and of course the championship 18 hole golf course. Whatever, you could wish for on a holiday, you will find it here.Just a few miles along the coast are many other delightful holiday towns including Caloundra, Coolum and Maroochydore.Get away from the beach and travel up into the mountains of the hinterland. Visit charming Maleny and Montville. This area is a Mecca for artists and those of creative spirit. You could easily spend several days wandering the streets visiting many interesting shops and galleries. It is a great place to find unique gifts for family at home.Whilst on the Sunshine Coast you must visit the acclaimed World Heritage listed Fraser Island. The largest sand island in the world, it is 123 km (76 miles) long and a must see. Enjoy a tour of the island in a specially designed 4wd bus or hire your own 4wd for a do it yourself tour. For your first time, I suggest the tour they are great fun and provide heaps of information, we went a few years ago and had a blast.So whether you like strolling the beach; swimming; bush walking; shopping or just lazing around the Sunshine Coast has heaps to offer and is sure to be a holiday you wont want to forget.Happy HolidayingLisa Paterson

Outdoor Vacations Camping Essentials

Outdoor Vacations  Camping Essentials

A camping holiday can be fun for the entire family. They provide an opportunity to commune with nature and have quality bonding time with the family. Planning and preparation is key to ensuring you have what you need for your outdoor vacation. Bringing too little with you may leave you with not enough of the camping essentials while bringing too much may make it impossible to carry everything on your back.If youll need your own shelter then choose a tent that is an adequate size and is easy to assemble. Look for a sturdy tent made of waterproof material. The more elaborate, the more assembly time and effort is usually required. Consider purchasing a self-assembling tent that has a collapsible frame all in one unit. It will save time putting up and taking down.Roughing it doesnt mean you have to sleep on the bare ground. Purchase an inflatable mattress and a comfortable sleeping bag. If youre hiking with your gear then buy a lightweight yet well insulated sleeping bag and a sleeping mat to sleep on. If youll be sleeping in cold weather then spend the money to get a well insulated sleeping bag; it will be well worth the investment.Camping doesnt mean you also have to eat cold, pre-packaged food. Bring a cooking stove and some basic cooking utensils. Bring just enough to get by especially if youll be hiking with your gear.Make sure you take a first aid kit that contains the necessities. Youll need various sized bandages and antibacterial cream or spray. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory so its a beneficial to stock your kit with a bottle. Also bring some anti-histamine; not only is it good for treating allergies but also as an itch reliever.Insect repellent is important as well as sun block. Bring some basic tools such as scissors and a Swiss Amy knife. Bring a flashlight which comes in handy for walks at night and when looking for something in your tent. Cleansing towelettes are useful for cleaning soiled hands and small scrapes.Most campsites have a water supply but if you prefer purified water then youll need to bring in your own. Bottled water also comes in handy for cleaning first aid cuts and scrapes.Dont over pack especially if youll be hiking with your camping gear. Give yourself plenty of time to pack and plan and bring only the essentials.

Working During Your Vacation

Working During Your Vacation

You have a vacation coming up, but youve been everywhere and seen everything that you wanted to see. Maybe you have a lot of vacation time amassed and you know youve been blessed with material assets that others dont have. If so, maybe you should consider going on a Volunteer Vacation. There are many opportunities available to take an interesting vacation and still make a difference in your world. You can work in a partner program where you will work side by side with local people to improve their community. You might work in the area you are most interested in. Do you have building skills? Are you a medical professional? You can be used in various communities both here and abroad to help the disadvantaged get the medical care they need.Other opportunities are offered all over the world. You could volunteer in an orphanage, a school, caring for the elderly, or working with people with disabilities. What ever your interests, there are opportunities for you to make your vacation a volunteer experience. It will inspire you and make you thankful for all you have been blessed with.With the natural disasters we have experienced in the past year, many places could use help in rebuilding and cleaning up. The tsunami relief is still far from being completed. Many miles of beaches still need to be cleaned and many are still without shelter. Put your building skills to work to help the unfortunate countries that were affected. Do you lean more toward ecological projects? Those can be found as well. In the past 12 months, a volunteer group has spent many hours rehabilitating sick penguins so they can be released into the wild in South Africa. Released turtle hatchlings in Costa Rica and cleaning vast amounts of beach area in Sri Lanka. Other projects include, erecting a fence to protect wildlife in Australia, replanting over 2000 saplings to restore a forest in Kenya and helped preserve Griffon Vultures in Croatia.If you prefer to work with people, you may be able to help with teaching English as a second language. One organization has organized a camp to help children fight drug addiction. Another has taught basic sports skills and helped with educational development for children in underprivileged countries. Meaningful volunteer vacations can be a worthwhile project for anyone wanting to help the world become a better place. To promote goodwill and let other countries know that we as Americans care.The Church I belong to takes a missionary trip every year. They have fund-raising events, and those that go work to raise the money for their travel. They may go and finish a project started by another church, or start a new project. The Church that is sending the group often supplies building supplies. Teens have gone on mission trips to conduct one-week Bible Schools. My son had the opportunity to go on one of these mission trips and that one trip changed his life forever. He learned that volunteer work could be rewarding and unforgettable. There was time for him to visit the local sites and work with the locals on something that was important to them. He used his experience on that trip to go to a large city here in the States to minister to inner city youths during one of his summer college breaks.I found many different sites on the Internet that gives you the choice of where you want to volunteer. Is there an area you have never thought of visiting? Maybe a news story has made you curious about an area, or stirred your heart, making you want to make a difference. Can one person make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES. You can take projects for as short as one week to as long as 12 weeks. You choose what will interest you and where you would like to go. Why not take advantage to see a part of the world you would not have the occasion to visit and change the lives of people in that area. You can have a life changing experience, a vacation to remember and do your part in working for peace and understanding around the world.

Lanzarote Villas - Buying Off-plan - What to Watch Out for

There are plenty of new and resale properties for sale in Lanzarote ideal as an investment or for renting out. But maybe you cant find the right one or perhaps someone else has beaten you to it. Another option is to buy offplan, but what are the advantages and the pitfalls?Buying offplan is where you buy a new villa or apartment on a new development before its been built. So in effect, youre buying blind from just a plan of the property. Lets look at the advantages first. The main one is monetary. By the time your villa is completed itll almost certainly be worth more than you are going to pay for it. Youll have signed a contract for the property at a fixed price and thats the price you pay on completion. Often you will be asked to make stage payments to the developer as the building proceeds. On average, by the time you move in, the value will have risen by about 15 to 20% of the contract price. Other advantages are that often you may be able to make alterations to the design or content of your property as building work proceeds at a likely extra cost of course! Generally speaking though, there is less hassle buying this way as there is no pressure to get the financial and legal side completed very quickly before you are beaten to it by someone else. You just need to pay the deposit to start off which gives you plenty of time to raise the rest of the capital before the first stage payment is due.There are of course disadvantages, the main one being that you dont actually see what youre buying until its completed many months down the line. It may not turn out to look like you had thought! Perhaps the area round about hasnt been finished off as you had been led to believe or that villa next door is much closer than you thought it was going to be. Or the quality of the workmanship isnt up to the standard you expected. Whilst most builders in Lanzarote will offer a 10 year guarantee on the property, there is no NHBC like in Britain to settle any disputes. Also, quite often new builds go well past the estimated completion date. This is Spain remember! Try and ensure that you have a completion date in your contract with penalties if the property is not completed on time. Normally though, the builder will have a few months grace to complete. Finally, bear in mind that theres always the chance that property prices may fall and you could end up paying more for your villa than its worth when you take the keys.To avoid these pitfalls, make sure you do your homework before signing any contract, and above all, take legal advice. A good independent lawyer (not the builders!) will be able to offer advice and local knowledge. If you are careful and choose wisely, you can end up with your dream property at a price you can afford.

Don't Miss The Disney Vacation

Every person would love a vacation. The excitement multiplies a great deal if the holiday is to a destination like the Disneyland. If the travel brochures and the pictures of happy campers are to be believed, Disneyland is the home of wholesome family entertainment. If you want lots of fun coupled with relaxation, pampering, and enjoyment for the kids, the land of Walt Disney may be just the place.People who have been there, done that say that everyone should take a vacation to Disneyland once in their lifetime, if only to find out what fun holidays are all about. A visit to the Alps or to Australia might be a thrilling experience. But being part of the Walt Disney world, and exploring every nook and corner of it is believed to be an experience in itself. It is said that one has to experience Disneyland to understand what it is all about. Some even go so far as to say that if you work every single day of your life to save up enough for this vacation, you will treasure every moment of it.The best thing about a Disneyland vacation is the fact that you just cannot get bored. It may seem expensive at the outset, but reach the Disneyland premises and you will agree that it was worth it. It truly is a trip for the whole family. So if you are looking for a vacation option that every member of your family will enjoy, a trip to Disneyland may be a great idea. Here is a vacation destination to look forward to. And if you have ever been there, you will agree that it gives you memories that you will treasure forever.Once you have decided that this is where you are heading, make your bookings at the earliest. Make sure that you plan well ahead of time and try and book yourself into rooms that are on the Disneyland premises. If you are going in the peak season, do your bookings much in advance. Once the holiday season starts, getting rooms might be a problem. The vacation crowds cannot be avoided, but it can be a bit of a party-pooper if you find that you have to drive down to the Disneyland premises everyday.Do note that there are people who book as early as a year in advance. However, in most cases, booking six months earlier should be good enough. Discounted rates are offered by Disneyland during the off season. So if you are flexible on when you want to go, you could check out the details pertaining to this. A considerable amount can be saved via this. The bonus is that you will be able to take in the sights without having to worry about large crowds either.Walt Disneyland is all about grandeur. There is plenty of space and there are top class facilities. So don't you go expecting that the cost of the rooms and food will be low. Plan out your itinerary if you want to do more in a little time.


Whether youre going on vacation, visiting family or friends, or you just want to see the sights, a long driving trip can be fun for everyone. Many of us are so anxious to get where were going, we forget that the joy is in the journey.Listen to Audio BooksSince many people tend to get a little car sick when they read in the car, an audio book is the perfect replacement. With a moderately priced Mp3 player, you can easily carry several audio books with you no matter w...